Check out Danganronpa’s stage play cast!

Danganronpa The Stage ~Kibō no Gakuen to Zetsubō no Kōkōsei~ (Danganronpa The Stage: The Academy of Hope and the High School Student of Despair) will run from October 29 to November 3 at the main hall of the Nippon Seinenkan in Tokyo.

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well, I guess makoharu and rintori shippers will have to get used to the idea of long distance relationships

at least it means some happy-with-tears reunions at the airport <3

quick sketches because I just needed to get it out of my system


When you get to the bottom of a really shitty post and you have to scroll back up like “who the Heck put this on my dash”

vg challenge | 7 videogames [5/7] → Final Fantasy X


Suspendy Hinata from yesterdays stream! First Haikyuu!! character I’ve drawn ayy


Suspendy Hinata from yesterdays stream! First Haikyuu!! character I’ve drawn ayy


white rose wedding for my bae  


I just want these two to get married okay

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Mom & dad are gonna be mad…


Haikyuu!! ep.21 | Sugawara Koushi appreciation post



After my Uta cosplay I got a lot of questions on how I covered my eyebrows, mine are rather thick and a lot of people have trouble covering their eyebrows when they’re as thick as mine so here is my tutorial for you! This by no means the perfect way or right way, this is just what works for me.

MATERIALS: Glue stick, plastic knife, White powder, concealer, regular powder and face paint (optional)

  1. Get a gluestick, doesn’t matter the color. Cut of a big chunk of it and slap that sucker onto your brows, don’t worry it will wash out and not tear off your eyebrows. I’ve done this many times. Take a plastic knife or what ever tool you prefer and smooth the glue across your brows till they are fully covered. (I rushed so mine could have been blended better but eh whatever)
  2. You will want to get some white powder/makeup and cover your eyebrows where the glue is. I unfortunately ran out of my powder so I used white face paint instead for this, while it still works you’re MUCH better off with a white powder, it gives it a cleaner look.
  3. Time to use yo liquid concealer. Smother yo brows with concealer till no purple can be seen, I also used a little bit of pink facepaint to cover places where the purple stood out a lot.
  4. Now take your powder and whatever other makeup you use and BLEND IT ALL OVAH. You want to make it look as seamless as you can (Step one comes in VERY handy here, the better you blended the glue the better it will look at the end, I went back and blended my glue a little more.)

AND TA DAH! Now you’re an eyebrowless beautiful person.


idekka said: Yang and Blake or Weiss and Penny? (I feel as though anything with Neo would be too hard, but maybe Neo and Cinder?)

Anonymous said:Swap Jaune with Weiss? And Ren with Sun?

So, things I learned from this include: Weiss looks good no matter what, and Ren is my new favorite character to draw

and seriously the only characters that are hard to do swaps for are pretty weiss and blake, where they only have one or two colors.

Happy things 26/100: Sharing desserts with friends! #abroaddays

Happy things 26/100: Sharing desserts with friends! #abroaddays